10 Tree Project - My partnership with Eden

This is a bit of a lengthy first blog post, but I feel it’s an important one! When I first started DAISYV, it was always important to me that I worked in a way that was environmentally and socially responsible. Spending lots of time in the mountains and the ocean and my love for the natural World mainly fuelled this, but as my little business grows and the World around us changes, it’s becoming even more apparent how important it really is.

I handmake all of my jewellery and use recycled silver wherever I can as well as recycled and biodegradable materials in my packaging, but I’ve recently been feeling that this somehow wasn’t enough. I wanted to give back to our planet. Which is where my new One Tree Policy comes in!

I’ve partnered with an amazing reforestation charity to make this happen and help make the change that our planet so desperately needs. For every piece of jewellery/product that I sell, I’ll be donating a portion of the sales – enough to plant 10 trees – to aid permanent reforestation projects across Madagascar, Haiti & Nepal, where deforestation has devastated the landscapes, ecosystems and communities that live there.

That’s one new tree being planted for every DAISYV ring, necklace, bangle or any other product bought by my wonderful customers!

18301685_10154634496756461_5429411730103212829_n (1).jpg

The charity oversees this whole process to ensure that planting happens as promised and the villagers are treated fairly, as well as ensuring that the new forests are protected. The money I donate from each sale will go directly to the charity who use it to facilitate the reforestation and I’m in regular contact with the charity who provide me with updates and developments. A tree will also be planted for every piece of jewellery I’ve sold up to this date 🙂

None of this would even be possible without you awesome people buying my products and showing continued support, so thank you thank you thank you!! I still get so excited every time an order comes through, it’s the best feeling 🙂

Thanks for reading, let’s grow some trees!!!

Daisy xo