Why Handmade Jewellery is Awesome

Buying from small businesses and supporting artisan workers has become more and more popular recently. Being an artisan myself, I know exactly how much pride we take in our work and the time and skill that’s put into making each individual piece, but for those not in the know, here’s what makes handmade so great.

One of a kind – Handmade jewellery is never mass produced, which means every piece will be completely unique. Sure, two of the same design make look kind of the same, but if you really start looking you’ll notice subtle differences between them, making your piece of jewellery a little more special and unique to you.

Cost Effective – Hours and hours of work are put into making handmade jewellery to ensure that it’s of the highest quality and made using the best materials. It takes time to design, create and finish my jewellery – I cut, stamp, texture, solder, file and polish every single piece by hand and that’s before I start setting any stones! This is why my prices are higher than machine made or mass produced jewellery that you’ll find in high street stores. Mass production just can’t replicate the high quality, attention to detail, passion and skill of an individual person. If you add up all of the hours that are put into making each piece, you’re actually getting a pretty sweet deal.

You know exactly who has made it – Many small businesses (myself included) are one woman or one man run. That one person usually deals with every aspect of the business, from designing and making the jewellery, to website updates, customer service, marketing, social media, product photography, trips to the post office and everything else in between! When you buy a piece of jewellery from me, it’s been completely hand crafted using my own two hands and as most of my pieces are made to order, you know that I’ve made it especially for you, with you in mind as I’m making it! I think it’s awesome to be able to say where your jewellery has come from, who made it and the story behind it.

Ethical – Most small jewellery designers that I know or follow on social media work in a way that is ethical and sustainable. My main aim has always been to produce jewellery in a way that is socially and environmentally responsible. Everything in my collection is made from 100% recycled sterling silver where possible and I package my products using only recycled and biodegradeable materials. Unfortunately, these are more expensive than standard materials which also adds to the cost of handmade pieces. But for me personally, I’d much rather pay a little more for a product that I know is ethically made and earth friendly than a product that has contributed to the unfair treatment of humans and destruction of our planet.

The beauty of handmade jewellery or handmade anything often stretches far beyond it’s physical beauty. I’d love to know your thoughts!